Buyback Tracker

How's does it work?

You bring your items into one of our stores. We'll discuss your need with you.

We'll test your Buy Back items, give you cash for them, place them in secure storage, and guarantee you the right to buy back the items from us within 28 days.

Within the next 28 days, you can return to buy back your goods for the price we paid you for them, plus an option fee for the service

You can even extend the agreement by a further 28 days with our one-off renewal option. This involves paying the fee at the time of repurchase and at the time of renewal. Unfortunately, no further extensions of the Buybacks agreement can be offered.


Why Choose Gadcet

Love Gadgets, Love Gadcet.

Value our customers

At Gadcet we know where our priorities lie, and that's with our customers.

Securely stored

Is your item worth much more than money? Not to worry, our buyback rooms are securely locked and monitored day and night.

BuyBack Tracker

Keep up to date with when your buyback collect date is and how much it is to renew or collect your BuyBack with our bespoke tracker. You'll also receive SMS text messages to keep you reminded.


Fair quotes for your items

At Gadcet, we always want to give you the fairest price possible.

Quick payout time

Forget the long waits, we aim to get your items tested and booked in within 15 minutes.

Low repurchase price

Our repurchase price is considerably lower than competitors.