Product Grading Explained

New - A brand-new, unused, unopened item in its original packaging.

Unused - The item has never been used, worn, or activated. It remains in the original packaging with all intact.

Like New - The item appears as if it has just come out of a retail box. There are no signs of wear, and all original protective materials are intact. The item may have been opened or used very minimally but retains its pristine condition all original accessories are included.

Very Good - The item shows minimal wear from general use and is 100% operational and functions as intended. It may have minor cosmetic imperfections but performs well, may be missing non-essential accessories.

Good - The item is fully operational and functions as intended, but has noticeable wear from pervious use. It may have aesthetic imperfections such as scratches or dents, may be missing non-essential accessories.

Fair - The item is fairly worn but continues to work perfectly. Signs of wear can include aesthetic issues such as scratches, dents, and worn corners or may be missing non-essential accessories.

We offer a FREE 12 month warranty with every item we sell to give you extra peace of mind.

Note:  For Used Conditions - it's important to understand that the original packaging might be absent. Additionally, any DLC or codes provided with these conditions have likely been redeemed previously and cannot be reused.

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